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Dependable Air Conditioning Repair Edwardsville Illinois

With over 20 years in the cooling business, our licensed technicians at Dependable Heating & Cooling have seen just about everything when it comes to your air conditioning unit. Whether you need expert residential A/C repair or you’re looking for the right technician to perform seasonal maintenance on your unit for your business in Edwardsville, Illinois, we are the perfect fit for the job. Our team is dedicated to keeping you and your family comfortable and cool in the summer heat, that’s why we only carry the top name brands in the industry like Ruud. If you’re needing professional air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation services, call Dependable Heating & Cooling, and we’ll give you a FREE estimate on your next HVAC service.

We Offer the Following Air Conditioning Services:

  • Repairs of All A/C Brands
  • Replacement Air Conditioning Unit
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • General Air Conditioning Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency A/C Repair
air conditioning repair service technicians near edwardsville illinois

AC Repair Edwardsville IL

The last thing any home or business owner wants to deal with on a hot summer day is a broken or poorly performing A/C unit. As your air conditioning system ages over time, a lack of maintenance or a faulty part can cause your unit to not only lose efficiency when trying to cool your residential or commercial property, but it can even break down and stop running entirely. If you are experiencing issues with your A/C system, call Dependable Heating & Cooling! Our team of trained and experienced technicians has decades’ worth of experience inspecting and repairing a variety of air conditioner brands. We will walk you through our step-by-step process on what is causing your air conditioner to stop working, and what we believe is the best repair solution to restore your A/C unit while also saving you from expensive alternative solutions. Call our shop in Edwardsville, Illinois for quality air conditioning repair services and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Edwardsville Illinois

While it may seem like your air conditioning system runs great year-round without having to think twice about it, A/C units still require monthly maintenance to stay in proper working condition. Just like every other appliance in your home or business, air conditioning systems need to be cleaned, inspected, and protected from hazardous weather and pests. Our maintenance technicians recommend conducting routine self-inspections of your A/C unit, removing any dust or debris around or inside the frame at least once a month. If you are not sure exactly how to keep the inside of your air conditioner maintained, call our shop in Edwardsville, Illinois and we would be happy to conduct the maintenance ourselves using our detailed checklist to ensure every part is functioning properly. Schedule an appointment and receive a FREE estimate on your A/C maintenance service.

ac maintenance services near edwardsville illinois

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Air Conditioning Installation Edwardsville Illinois

It’s summertime, which means that your A/C unit is working overtime to cool your home or business in Edwardsville, Illinois – until it stops working. Unfortunately, there comes a time when our air conditioning systems, whether from old age or underlying issues, become unrepairable. While it may be nerve-racking to replace your A/C system, it is more affordable and rewarding than you may think. Installing a new air conditioning unit will not only restore the temperature in your home, can offer a variety of long-term benefits including a decrease in your monthly energy spending, increased energy efficiency, and can even increase your property value. Our licensed and certified technicians are here to help you choose the best air conditioning unit for your property at the best prices in Edwardsville, Illinois. Call Dependable Heating & Cooling and we will walk you through our air conditioning installation process.

Smart Thermostat Installation Services Edwardsville IL

In an age of technology, HVAC solutions are constantly being created to give home and business owners multiple options for quality, energy-efficient systems. At Dependable Heating & Cooling our smart thermostats are the perfect solution for keeping the temperature in your home regulated while saving monthly on cooling costs due to the energy tracking capabilities of the device. Don’t settle for an outdated thermostat that often reads the incorrect temperature in your home, invest in our smart thermostat installation services for your property in Edwardsville, Illinois, and enjoy the comfort of our cooling technology. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians, or to get more information on the best smart thermostat for your home or business, call our shop today!

smart thermostat installation services near edwardsville illinois
smart thermostats edwardsville illinois

Our Smart Thermostats Offer A Variety of Benefits for Your Home In Edwardsville Illinois

  • Minimizes Energy Costs
  • Tracks Your Energy Usage
  • Control Your Thermostat Remotely
  • Easy to Install
  • Movement Sensors
  • Long-Term Learning Capabilities
  • Temperature Management
  • Better Temperature Visibility & Controls
  • Compatible With Other Smart Devices
  • Voice Commands
  • Energy Profile Management
  • Tracks the Weather