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    Our friendly staff is always standing by to take care of all of your HVAC needs! We can install and repair your air conditioning units and furnaces for you in the Belleville, IL area. Specializing in residential and light commercial air conditioning installations and heating repairs for over 20 years, we are the community’s number one option. Rely on us for thorough services [...]

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    Water Heaters/Boilers

    Stay comfortable all year round with high-quality hot water heaters and boilers. Whether you want to buy a new one and have it installed or require an existing one to be repaired, Dependable Heating and Cooling has your needs covered.You can trust our trained and licensed technicians to effectively perform repairs or replace your existing unit. You’ll never again have to take a cold shower. [...]

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    Home Air Filtration

    One of the major problems with poor air filtration units is the risk it runs of causing respiratory problems. Don’t let that be the case! Call Dependable Heating and Cooling to come to the rescue. Our technicians are certified and experienced in handling any problems you may have with your air filtration. Breathe fresh air all day with Aprilaire products Aprilaire Humidifier [...]

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    Smart Thermostat

    With the trend of transitioning homes to more cost-effective methods and materials, it is no surprise that smart thermostats are popular. Smart thermostats come with optional remote room sensors for a more even comfort throughout your home. They are beneficial for numerous reasons and conveniently allow you to set temperatures and forget about them, all the while saving you money. Sit back and [...]

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    Air Conditioning/Heating

    Dependable Heating and Cooling specializes in residential and light commercial air conditioning service and installation. We’re dedicated to keeping our clients in the Belleville, IL area cool and comfortable. Whether you need AC installation for a small home or an entire building, our highly trained and experienced contractors will bring you professional assistance that you can depend on. [...]

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    Mini Split Systems

    Ductless mini splits have two main components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. The outdoor and indoor units are connected by a conduit, containing the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensed drain. The main advantage of mini split systems is the flexibility for zoning to heat and cool individual rooms, and each [...]

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